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At Marble Cleaning NYC we've serviced over one million square feet of natural stone, and counting! 

Our expert technicians know marble, and they know what it takes to make marble look fantastic again. Contact us today or take advantage of our free online estimate tool. Let's make your marble look like new again.

Worried about a disruption to your schedule? We're often in and out in just a day, and we offer overnight and weekend service as well.



Stains form because of the minerals and iron deposits found in natural stone and the elements, but we can help with this - contact us today!



Consisting of grinding and sanding the stone down to its original surface, followed by a thorough polishing and finished with our natural stone sealant.

Polishing & Honing

Our polishing service brings out the brilliant shine & natural color of your stone, while honing promotes a more matte look. It's a high gloss vs. matte question, and is simply a matter of preference :)

Sealing & Protecting

Sealant protects your newly restored stone from wear & tear to assure your marble looks great and retains its natural beauty for years to come.



Our wax stripping service removes old dirty wax from your stone and places a new fresh layer in order to promote lasting shine and beauty.



Over time, marble surfaces and edges can become scratched and uneven; this service fixes that. Lippage removal can also eliminate some of your worst scratches and floor stains.



Marble is prone to etch marking because of its calcium carbonate makeup. As acid reacts with the calcium carbonate, it eats away at the surface. Contact us for a fix!

Crack & Chip Repair

Cracks and chips in natural stone tend to get worse fast, so it's important that you contact us soon for treatment.



Our color enhancing treatment brings out the natural color of your stone. The difference will be clear!

Commercial Maintenance

Get in touch with us today to learn about our commercial maintenance packages.

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